"Tomboy" for auction in Georgia, US!

More than ten years of friendship with Hannah Campbell Zapletal lie at the basis of a unique project that is currently playing out in the state of Georgia, USA. Many of you know that apart from photography, I also sometimes do artwork, using pastels and watercolours, One of those pieces, entitled "Tomboy" is now for auction! All proceeds will go to Famine Relief Haiti, an organisation that my friend's family has been involved in for decades. If you wish to participate without bidding on the artwork, you can donate by making a deposit directly to the Famine Relief at Well’s Fargo account # 6353614370. Read more about Hannah's link with Haiti here. If you are interested in seeing more of my artwork, go to my art site  (www.nickysownart.com). Below: Hannah and her father Ben posing with "Tomboy". Framed and ready to hang! The little man in the left bottom corner is Hannah's oldest boy Gabe.

Good thoughts for Nepal!

Not too long ago Nepal was hit with the second big earthquake in three weeks. I have a personal bond with this country after trekking its stunning scenery. Although I photographed many landscapes while walking in the Himalaya's, the majority of my shots feature the Nepalese people. These were happier times than today. My wish for Nepal is that the future will be about rebuilding and finding joy and peace after the turmoil of the moving earth has passed.

If you want to donate to support the Nepalese people, this is one of the many organisations that will appreciate your help: Canadian Red Cross.