A general note about working with the Electronic View Finder.

The camera has the option of taking pictures in the classic way, by looking through the Viewfinder. Because this is a mirrorless camera, we cannot look right through the lens, as with the big DSLRs. The consequence of this is that what you see in the Viewfinder is an electronic rendering of the image as seen through the lens.

This takes some getting used to, if only because there always is a slight delay. The nice thing is that if offers the chance to preview what changed setting do to the image you want to take, in particular with regards to the exposure. More or less light due to speed and aperture changes are (almost) instantly displayed. The FUJI's Viewfinder also is well-sized.

Another nice consequence is that you can review a picture that you took in the Viewfinder. You do not need the LCD display for that, although you can do all of the above using the LCD screen as well. But I am old-school. I like having a Viewfinder because it puts me in the middle of the scene instead of looking at it from a distance. So, even if you are "chimping" (reviewing your shot right after you took it), nobody can tell since you are seeing it through the Viewfinder...

I like that the camera has the option to switch off the image preview property. This is certainly required when you work on full manual settings. Or when you add flash to your shots. The camera is not aware of this and will thus show a very dark image through the viewfinder with preview switched on.

Despite all of the above, I do have some trouble seeing details clearly. Especially when I want to focus in on details. See my earlier blog post about the swallow in the gazebo. I found it was very hard to see when my subject was in the best position.

The fact that I am looking at a rendered representation of what the lens is pointed at means that the Viewfinder is only accessible when the camera is switched on. My old Canon does not have that need. I can see through the Viewfinder and even make a shot without the electronics being turned on.

But I guess this is just something I need to get used to...