Here I am, only weeks into buying the Fuji Xt1, and all of a sudden my Adobe Camera Raw software can read the raw-files it produces with extension .RAF... Ooh what? That is wonderful! Maybe my software was updated in the background, but I am not aware making any changes. This means I can work a lot faster, not having to convert using Lightroom but just jumping straight in with the Camera Raw editor! And think about the space I will be saving on my hard disks as well! Yey!! Mehappy!

Here is my version of Camera Raw, just in case you are interested:

I spoke to a Fuji representative and he confirmed that a recent update by Adobe is the reason we can now read .raf raw files directly in Camera Raw. Not only that, he also confirmed what I had already suspected: we get ALL the digitial data in .raf, where we loose millions of pixels during the conversion process to .DNG. Another good reason to work with Camera Raw instead of other tools.