Cannot photograph the moon and then neglect the stars... I was fortunate in visiting the rolling hills of Northumberland County the other day. Beautiful landscape in central Ontario, Canada. There I found what I miss in suburbia where we live: starry skies!

Yet another great test for the Fuji. I brought my tripod, but forgot my remote control, so could only shoot at a maximum of 30 seconds, but with an ISO of 800 the camera did not disappoint at all. Best to aim the lens at the skies when there are still some remnants of daylight around, or else keep the lens open for more than half a minute. That will be a project for the future...

For now, I was able to shoot the image below (more in the Gallery) at 30 seconds, aperture 5 and ISO 800.
I had preset my lens to infinity because it was unable to auto-focus in a scenery this dark. I used the Fuji iPhone app to operate the camera to prevent motion blur due to me touching the body. As the shot counted down, I also used the flashlight in my iPhone to shed some extra light on the cemetery structures in the foreground. A car that drove up the hill during the exposure then also shed some light on the trees, which came out nicely.

I found that the image did not have a lot of noise, but of course, the fact that it "only" has 16 megapixels shows up as a slightly more grainy capture. Have a look in the gallery for some more shots of my stay in this beautiful area. It is halfway between Toronto and Kingston, where we plan to go later in the year. And at that point in time I will have the newer version of the Xt-1. A cute little upgrade with a 24 megapixels sensor that I have high expectations of!