Let's make sure we are on the same page with this camera's naming conventions that do not always make sense to me...
Here are the names that refer to the settings dials and buttons on the camera.

Shutter Speed Dial

Choose your own speed, go for bulb (maximum = 30 seconds) or go automatic.

Sensitivity Dial or ISO value

Note that a low or extremely high ISO cannot be stored in raw format. It is unclear to me why this is. The lowest value is only 100, the 2 extreme high settings are H1 for 12800 and H2 for 25600. The higher values will produce quite a high level of noise. Not really useful as far as I am concerned. On the upside: using the higher ISO values that can be delivered in raw have very acceptable noise levels that produce better quality than my Canon does. I will have to do more tests with this, so keep an eye on my blog.

Drive or Shutter type

Produces raw images:
1. Single shot S
2. Continuous low speed CL
3. Continuous high speed CH

Other options (produce raw image):
4. BCK: Bracketing (camera takes multiple shots with more and less light)
5. Double Exposure
6. ADV: apply filter effects

Produces jpg image only:
7. Panoramic: hit or miss in terms of proper seaming of the different shots and sharpness.

Number 5, double exposure, is a really nice toy to play with and will in fact also produce a raw image. As a for instance use to create one properly exposed shot of the moon superimposed over a total view of the landscape with the moon.

Exposure meter / Light metering type:

Options from left to right in above picture:
>Spot: this is my default
>Multi: use when you want to let the camera meter for a correct exposure on the basis of the entire image
>Average: use when you want consistent exposure (no extreme differences) in your shot or a series of shots. Apparently good for subjects with black or white clothes

Frogramming function buttons on-camera

Depending on how good your fingers are at feeling for the correct function button, you can use the camera menus to attach custom functions to the many available buttons.

I have customised 2 of the buttons/dials:

1. Selector wheel arrows next to LCD display:

Quickly change and/or enlarge Focus area
Press down one of the Selector arrows to show where the current focus point is located and how large it is. 
>front commander wheel: change position
>back commander wheel: change size

2. Front button:

Disable Preview Pic Effect in EVF
When working on manual settings the camera is unable to predict what our shot is going to look like and the viewfinder gets too dark to use as a result. I have programmed this front button to switch off the preview function. Very useful when we add flash (on- or off-camera) to the play. The camera is not aware of this and will not interpret our settings correctly.

Where and what you attach to the buttons is totally up to your own preferences...

There is more to know about the Xt1's settings but for that I am going to refer you to the manual. Happy reading!