I have finally taken the plunge. Was humming and hawing for almost 2 years, in and out camera of stores, doing research online and have now bought a mirrorless digital camera: the FUJI Xt1.

The choice was not obvious. On the day that I went to my favourite camera store in Burlington (Duncan & Right), Ontario, I was shooting for the Sony Mirrorless (A7 series). There I was, ready to buy and... camera unavailable (on back-order)!
Oh No! What to do!! Buy on-line? Nope. With things like this I prefer to have a face attached to the purchase so I can come back in case I have questions or issues. Other stores? On back-order as well. Apparently this had to do with the fact that the earthquakes that hit Japan earlier in this year hit right where the Sony plant is located and this is causing problems with their supply-chain.

I decided that this was fate and I bought the Fuji Xt1 instead. This blog features my good and bad moments with the new camera. It may be of help to others in making a decision about this new technology. One thing is for sure: do not expect to be able to get top results right out of the box. This takes a pretty steep learning curve!