Through the years I have really grown to appreciate birds as subjects for photographs. The other day I wanted to see how the new camera dealt with them.

Below is one of the shots taken at Mountsberg National Park where I happened to arrive just when their daily show was beginning. I have visited them multiple times, but mostly in winter. This time they demonstrated owls and kestrels in flight. Like before, I did not have high expectations about the FUJI coping with these circumstances. The shot below however attests that it worked out pretty well. This little barn owl's flight is pretty fast and the best way to capture it was when it came roughly towards me. When that happens I can manage with a shutter speed anywhere between 1/250 and 1/500. I am happy with this shot! It has been post-processed by darkening background so as to take out details of its perch and the greenery behind.

At the total other end of the light spectrum, I also sat down by the lake to take some photographs of the many geese floating around. I was working against the light, without flash, and set my exposure to correctly capture the details of the bird's wings. Afterwards, on computer, I converted the full-colour shot to a black and white image, taking out some of the details in the water to emphasize the whiteness of the background. Totally different ambiance, both shots dealing nicely with the motion in the shot!