When I researched the FUJI Xt1 extensively on the internet, I found many great examples of what the camera can capture. Getting there myself was another thing entirely as this blog documents!

On a recent walk however I managed to capture what I think is an amazing shot. And it proves that there is truth in what I read: the camera is very good at picking up ambiance in a scene. I was walking around in a national park in my neighbourhood and felt kind of bored. Nothing much was happening, it was extremely hot and most creatures were inactive in siesta mode. I found a small pond, very still, covered in green plants and with some posts with nice reflections. Still, I did not really get excited. The shot I took was a huge surprise to me. When I offloaded it to the computer, converted it to DNG and opened it in Camera Raw I fell in love with it. I cannot really pinpoint why I like it so much. Is it the colouring? Is it the reflection? No idea. But it encourages me to look for landscapes and scenes that hold that same kind of ambiance. Check it out in the gallery if you want to see it at a bigger size.