I was born in The Netherlands but I was infected with the travel bug at a pretty young age. I have travelled extensively within Europe, I have done a trek to Nepal's Mount Everest Base Camp, walked across the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, lived in Australia's tropical north, in subtropical Bermuda and in the gorgeous American state of Pennsylvania. And now we are settling down in yet another unique country: Canada! For some reason I have always wanted to document my adventures and my camera is my eternal companion. I recently moved a suitcase filled with my old film negatives from Europe to Canada and have scanned some of them in. See the section named "Memory Lane" on my site for the results...

My professional career started in (photo) journalism. Back in the eighties I worked with black & white film, of course! After 10 years I changed careers and photography became a passionate hobby. After some years in Public Relations and Copywriting I ended up in IT, much to my own surprise.  I was working for the Dutch Broadcasting Corporation in The Netherlands, now close to 20 (!) years ago and I discovered a database platform on their MacIntosh computers that really clicked with me. Not only was I able to solve workflow issues in FileMaker Pro, it also allowed me to use my creativity by designing good-looking and intuitive user interfaces. I am now the co-owner of Connecting Data, a corporation originally founded by my husband Wim Decorte, a price-winning developer and consultant. He is the proud holder of two FileMaker Excellence Awards and a regular speaker at conferences all over the world. We focus on creating IT-solutions for a variety of clients all over the world. Not just in FileMaker, but in a range of software packages. And now photography has become part of our business as well!

I consider myself an eternal student of the fascinating art of photography. Every encounter with fellow enthusiasts and professional mentors confirms that there is no such thing as "knowing it all". Each subject, each photographic category requires its own unique approach. The common denominator of what really engages my attention seems to be un-staged reality. Sometimes I would love to be invisible (yeah, yeah, in outfits like the one in this page's banner that will never work, I know!). Having people and critters forget I am there so that they go back to their own personal routines and natural behaviour: that, to me, is at the core of all good photographs. No posing, just being. Or else making sure that my models are at ease with me and my camera.

Stay tuned for new pictures on this site. I refresh and add to the gallery regularly...

Drop me a line when you like what you see... or if you have tips about good photo opportunities in Canada, in the Greater Toronto Area. I am always in for a new experience!

Nicky AC Decorte-Markerink

PS: A special thanks to my friend Nadine Vial, who took the amazing shot displayed in the banner on this page. I usually have to photograph myself with a remote device (see below) but this time Nadine was with me to freeze a moment in time on the cliffs of Bermuda's Astwood Park when we were vacationing together - Love the clouds!


Remote- click!

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