Shame on FUJI, shame on Adobe. Do not buy the FUJI X-t2 before reading this!!

No more FUJI blog for now. I am disgusted with mainly Adobe but also with FUJI. I upgraded to the latest model of the X series only to find out that raw material now only can be read if you subscribe to Adobe Cloud. They "forgot" to mention this. This is an upgrade within the same camera model and it is awesome when you look at the pictures and their quality. How sad that you can only read the files on your computer after subscribing to Adobe product in the Cloud. Which comes to (now) USD 120 per year. If you do not extend the subscription, you can no longer use the program.

What this means is: If you wish to keep using your Photoshop desktop application, you have to go through the agony of converting your RAW pictures (Fuji format RAF), losing pixels and basically having bought the X-t2 is no longer an advantage. You may have more pixels in the original RAW file thanks to the super sensor, but you loose half of the, once you start batch processing. Thanks FUJI for NOT telling us about this and boasting about compatibility. You have just added an annual cost of 120 USD to our workflow and make us Adobe's favourite new milking cow. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!

Summer has arrived,  colour has returned!

Finally: summer is here with high temperatures and already a good deal of humidity. But I don't mind at all! Especially because I was starting to feel starved for colour. Canada was monochrome for multiple months and it isn't until you start seeing the greens come back you realise how colour changes the scenery!

We have put off mowing our lawn to give the dandelion fluffs optimum chances to dance around and have a party. Their yellow flowerheads make us happy - a lot of people do not like having them in their gardens, but the area where we live was only quite recently converted into suburbia. So a lot of the soil still has dandelion seedlings and their root system runs pretty deep. We don't worry about it! Wishing you all a good summer!


Also find my pictures on ViewBug - a great site that allows photographers of all levels to enter their captures into contests. If you like, you can even vote for my photographs! You might have to become a (free) member to see it all, but there is a wealth of inspiring pictures to discover.